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Q: What is the cost to play?

A: Football will be $100-$145 for the  season .Cheer is $145 for new girls and returners will be $85... Above that cost there's going to be a mandatory $40 fundraising fee included.   If you have specific questions about costs, payment plans etc, please e-mail
Q: What does the fundraising cover? Can we we raise the fee?
A: The fundraising fee covers the end of the season banquet. Yes you can fund raise for the fee but it's due when the registration fees are due.

Q: What does the cost cover?

A: For football the cost covers usage of, helmet, shoulder pads, Practice Jersey, Game pants ,Game Jersey & end of season banquet.

Q: What do I need to supply my child with?

A: Your child needs cleats, black practice pants, mouth piece, and any other items like gloves, wrist bands, visors, protective pads they want to use through the season.

Q: What does my fee pay for?

A: Your football fee pays for your equipment (other than cleats,cup and practice pants).  In addition, it pays for the field time, referees, practice, jerseys, etc. All equipment is a rental ($100     Equipment deposit check Mandatory

Q: When will practice begin?

A: The tentative first day of practice will be August 1st.  Practice will be Monday-Friday 6:00pm – 8:30pm & Sat 9am-11am (except Tiny Mite which will be less (Maximum of 6 hours/week).   For football players the first week and a half will be non-contact conditioning for 9 days.  The following week will be the first week broke down into divisions Note that these dates and times are subject to change

Q: Where are practices and games held?

A: Our practices will be held behind Wildwood Church in Papillion.  The Cheerleaders will also practice there. The games will be held at different High Schools and Middle schools throughout the Omaha metro area.

Q: When is the first game?

A: The first game is tentatively scheduled for week after labor day weekend.  There will be scrimmages also scheduled in August. Additionally there will be a mandatory weigh-in in Aug. Date TBA. If the player misses this weigh-in they cannot participate in the first game. The weigh in would need to be made up before allowed to play in a game.

Q: How many games are played?

A: There are 7-8 regular season games as well as one to two postseason game for Tiny Mites,Mitey Mites ,Jr.PeeWee ,PeeWee, Jr Midget, Midget & Unlimited

Q: What is the time investment for practice?

A: August practice sets up like this: August practice is Monday-Fri (Starting August 1st OR 4TH) 6:30pm – 8:00pm. Once daylight saving begins the practices will shift to (6pm – 7:30pm) and Saturday mornings for two hours ( from 9am – 11am which will very on if we have Sat games or not that week) for Football. Cheerleading will be  6:30pm – 7:30pm not sure what days yet. Tiny Mites are slightly different as they can only practice 6 hours/week in August. That schedule will be developed soon.

Q: Who do I contact for more information?

A: For more information you can contact Jamol Harris ( or 4028130541

Q: Will there be any Camps?

A: Yes , were looking to have a league Camp July 18,19th & Or July 22nd 2018

Q: Any football tourneys?

A: Yes, A possible date for a league tourney is Aug 19th 2017 Weekend

Q: Any Allstar Games?

A: League All Star game is being talked about for mid Oct 2017...

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